A Launch Party For “Menbe’s Way” Charity

Join us on August 23rd from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. To A Launch Party For “Menbe’s Way” Charity Built to Benefit Our Community. Enjoy Great Wines, Great Music and Great Friends on a Sunday Afternoon.

Earlier this year “Menbe”, the owner of Salute e Vita Ris-torante, received the coveted Jefferson Award – honoring community and public volunteerism – partly for the work she does for our veterans on Thanksgiving Day. Every year, she invites them and other struggling individuals to Salute for a fine-dining meal. Over the last four years, she has served more than 3,000 people a Thanksgiving dinner, aand has inspired many local businesses and individuals to contribute to the success of these events. Menbe also proudly serves on the Richmond Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.To raise awareness and funds for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, Menbe is hosting multiple events here at Salute e Vita. The next event will be on Sunday, August 23rd, where Menbe and her team will be launching a new charitable foundation, “Menbe’s Way”. Donations are optional but greatly appreciated, and there will be a small silent auction at the event. Come and join us – see the front of this card or or call us at (510) 215-0803.