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Celebrate Menbe’s Birthday

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Menbe invites you to come celebrate her Birthday at Salute on Sunday, July 16th from 2pm to 7pm and help raise funds for Eric, Aiden and Jasiah who lost their mother on April 4th. They witnessed their mother’s murder just like Menbe did when she was only ten. The boys were left with no one to care for them but their grandmother Barbara Harris, a long time Richmond Resident. “Those children are me,” Menbe said. “I know exactly what they are going through.” Despite the tragedy, Menbe knows that the boys will be OK. “I came out OK, and so will they.” During her “Yes, You are Worthy” Mother’s Day Brunch Menbe pledged to help in any way she could so that the children could continue their education.

For her 55th birthday Menbe wants nothing more than to be able to fulfill her promise. She invites you to come and celebrate with complimentary food, wine, champagne and dessert. In lieu of gifts please make a tax deductible donation to the boy’s education fund. Make checks out to The Richmond Community Foundation and reference Menbe’s Way in the memo section.

These boys have been through enough already. Your support will allow them to continue thier education, uninterrupted. Our fundraising goal for this event is $30,000. To reach our goal we have layed out a convenient giving guide:

Level 1: $150 | Level 2: $500 | Level 3: $1,000

For questions please call (510) 215-0803
Menbe’s Way Fund is managed by the Richmond Community Foundation 501 (c)(3) Charity FED ID# 94-3337754